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WordPress Plugins are Must Haves

WordPress is the best blog software available as an open source downloadable program found on the web today. The thing with WordPress is that it is easy to use, fast and reliant, which can adapt even to new bloggers who are not familiar with blogging. It is so simple to use that even kids wouldn’t have much difficulty in signing up and start blogging. It does all the work for you; however, this excludes the content of your entries, of course.  You must take note, however, that one of the most important aspects in using WordPress are plug-ins since your blogs would be next to useless without them.

What are WordPress Plugins

Your WordPress blogs wouldn’t be as functional as you want it to be without plugins. Plugins are certain tools that are added to your blog, which can increase the functionality and feature of your blog to cater to the particular needs of your site. It makes your blog perform better and faster, with precision to answer the purposes of your site.

Plugins also help to  individualize your blog. These are added features and attachments that are downloaded to give better management and organization to you and even your readers. Each plugin offers a different purpose from each other. There are so many plugins available for WordPress, many that can be easily downloaded for free.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

It is easy to install WordPress plugins. All you have to do is to search for the desired plugin and download it online. You need not worry about the cost because it is free. After downloading, you need to upload it to the plugin folder of your blog through an FTP site. Usually, before you can use the services of an FTP site, you need to have an FTP account. There are a number of sites offering such services which you can try. After uploading the plugin to its proper folder, activate it by logging in your WordPress account. Go through the plugins folder and select the plugin you desire to activate.

Fortunately, WordPress now makes it even easier to search for and install plugins all through the admin panel of WordPress.  With just a few clicks, many WordPress plugins can be installed in just a few clicks.  this added feature is one of the many reasons MarketingYp recommends the use of WordPress to power a site.

Top Three Most Essential WordPress Plugins

There are some WordPress plugins that are must haves in your blog. Depending on your site needs, these are the most basic must haves for nearly all WordPress sites.  The top three recommended are as follows:

1. Akismet Plugin
This plugin is a spam blocker, which comes as a default plugin once you get your own WordPress account. It prevents spam comments and messages from popping into your blog site. It is one of the best spam blockers in the world. Should it happen that a spam infiltrates your system, you can always report it.

2. Sidebar Widget Plug-in

The good thing about sidebar widget is that it helps you in terms of convenience. It allows you to add and remove widgets to and from the sidebar. As an example, adding a category name in the category list will be easy with the use of this simple plugin.  Most custome wordpress templates are “widget ready”, which allows you to drag, drop, and re-order your sidebars.

3. All in one SEO Pack Plugin
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is addressed by this plugin. It allows you to enter titles, keywords and descriptions into the heading of your pages and entries. Since SEO depends on keywording, according to Web 20 Ranker reviews and tips this plugin can help give you that an added edge in increasing the SEO of your site.

There are so many plugins available for download. If you are still a beginner in blogging and do not know much about plugins, you can try surfing through the blog sites of other people to look for your desired plugins. Sometimes, you wouldn’t have any idea of the name of a particular plugin which a certain blogger uses. What you can do is to leave a message to that blogger and ask him or her for the name of that particular plugin used on thier blog. Try to be creative as much as you can with plugins to increase the uniqueness and packaging of your blog site, which can attract more traffic to your site for the benefit of SEO, or hire Miami search engine optimization experts or go to PlatinumWebMarketing.com.

Still Confused About WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins can help transform any personal or business website powered by WordPress into a site with functionality and features that may not be found among your competitors.   If you need help with a WordPress powered site, or if you are interesting in starting a site powered by WordPress, MarketingYP can help you achieve the results you desire. Contact us today for more info!

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