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All You Need To Know About Wordpress Themes | MarketingYP.com

All You Need To Know About WordPress Themes

WordPress has made a way give a revolutionary statement in content management for websites. It is every simple to use and can really be broad enough to cover a whole range of possibilities. The creativity in blogging is indeed really unlimited and such creativity can be reflected through the appearance of your WordPress website.

Why Download WordPress Themes

Blogging is all about content and interaction with your visitors. Meaning, the more interesting the ideas you write on your blog, the more and more people will become avid readers of it. However, most bloggers ignore the fact that the packaging must also be as good as its content. In WordPress, the best way to package your blog is through the adaptation of themes to your blog. WordPress Themes then answers that problem on how to make your blog attractive. There are pre-formatted designs which you can download and apply to your blog in order to give it life by its colors and designs.

WordPress Default Theme

When you sign-up for WordPress, you usually are then allowed to download themes and other templates. Upon signing up, however, your account is already pre-installed with a default template. Such template, which is the default in your new account is the famous template called Kubrick theme. It was designed by Michael Heilemann and its background is in shades of blue and white behind black-colored texts.

The creator has, however, thought of a feature that you can change the color of the top header, making the default template more versatile. But just because that this template is but a default, it does not mean that is not practical. In fact, it has all the features you need in order to start your blog site. For starters, the Kubrick template can be user-friendly to make you adapt to the knitty-gritty of blogging through WordPress. Familiarizing yourself with such default template is recommended so that in the future, you wouldn’t have difficulty in adjusting to more complex ones.

Downloadable WordPress Themes

There are lots of templates that are available for download online for free. The WordPress community has come up with these templates and themes to answer for the desire of more bloggers to get that personalized and unique look for their respective blogs. These themes and templates dress up your blog. Without them, your blog would be average-looking and wouldn’t be eye-catching enough to the readers even if your entries are content-rich.

Themes may cater to different needs. They can range from personal to professional styles. If your blog is personal, you can choose a theme that is fun and spunky. Among those you can choose are those with flowers, animals, cartoon characters, funny icons, colorful abstract designs and other cool designs. If your blog, on the other hand, is for business purposes, your theme must, of course, carry a professional tone. So, it is recommended that you stick to plain and neutral colors and designs that aren’t too exaggerated.

In choosing the template you will use for your blogs, it is very important to take into account the purpose of your blog. The theme and the purpose must always coincide and should not clash. They must complement each other to increase functionality and practicality. A wrong choice of theme is just like wearing an outfit at the wrong occasion.
Although there are themes and templates available online, you always have that option to have your theme customized by MarketingYP.

When a Free Theme is Not Enough

Free themes are great for personal sites, or if you are just getting started online.  However, should you decide to use WordPress to power your business site, we suggest getting a custom WordPress theme to brand your online business.  A custom template will give your site a one of a kind look and a professional appearance to instill trust among your visitors and future customers.  Remember as some have said, image is everything.  Let MarketingYP.com create a custom WordPress theme for your website.  Contact us today!

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