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Services Overview | MarketingYP.com

Services Overview

We offer a comprehensive selection of online marketing services.

Our specialties are Search Engine Optimization and Twitter Account Management/Engagement, however we know that when you’re interested
in SEO, what you’re really asking for is traffic that converts into sales that improve your
bottom line.

Therefore, we work with you to create a search marketing strategy that reinforces your other marketing efforts. We also provide
additional services to ensure that your newly discovered traffic converts into sales or leads.

So, though we list several services below, we offer many other skill-sets and services that pertain to a particular client’s needs.
Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your own unique situation and we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal outlining
exactly how we can help.

Website Blueprint/Strategic Planning

We believe that the best way to succeed online is to have an in depth strategic plan and to follow the outline of the plan to the fullest extent.  MarketingYP.com offers strategic planning for your website not only for the present, but the future as well.  While we do recommend implementing as many of these strategies as you can, we can work with you to decide which ones are best for your situation should your budget be limited.  After viewing our plan, you may decide that you would like to handle the tasks at hand on your own, or should you be pressed for manpower, MarketingYP will be more than happy to execute the plan for you.

Click Here for More Details

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of SEO experts helps you improve visibility, brand recognition, and website traffic by achieving organic rankings in
search engines for the keyword phrases most popularly searched by your target audience. We utilize a series of on-page
optimization methods and off-page strategies to build your site’s reputation and earn the search engines’ endorsements (and thus

Social Networking & Branding

The tool for penetrating today’s online market does not lie in marketing messaging, banner ads, or press releases. Nowadays you
cannot get ahead by spreading buzz. You have to be the buzz.

Our brand managers and social networkers work with you on a complete branding strategy that gets your story told in all the
right places, including social networks like Twitter, Squidoo & FaceBook, in the blogosphere and its Bookmarking sites like Digg
and Del.icio.us, and in social media outlets YouTube and BlogTalkRadio.

Twitter Account Management

Face it, Twitter is the premier social networking site at the moment.  However, we know your time is limited.  We take the guesswork and labor out of creating and implementing your Twitter account and user engagement.  If you are starting from scratch, we can not only build your Twitter account full of targeted people interested in what you have to say, but we can also provide content to your account to keep it active, as well as drive this targeted traffic to your website.  We all know how well targeted traffic converts.  Let us know if you are interested in our Twitter services…or drop by our own Twitter account by clicking here to see what Twitter is all about.

Click Here For More Detailed info about Twitter Account Management Services

Pay Per Click

Sometimes your website requires immediate traffic and instant profitability. Though many turn to Pay Per Click (PPC) for this, few
realize its potential and profits. Our PPC experts will work with you to create a campaign optimized for your best keywords at the
lowest price, and work with your team to develop targeted landing pages. And unlike most firms that simply “manage” your
campaign over time, we continually optimize it to increase your return on investment and to consistently drive traffic to your
website that results in loyal customers.

Copywriting & Collateral Development

We’d rather call it “conversation” than copy, because that’s what we write. We create web conversation that invites interaction
and elicits trust. We craft ad conversation and collateral that exclaims to your audience that you value them for who they are
and not just for what they can do for your company. Our articles inform and empower.

You see, we understand that high-level marketing messages don’t do very well. We inspire your audience to take ownership of
their experience with your company, engendering their trust and backing their interest with information and quantifiable benefits.

So, regardless the type of copy you require, we will deliver conversation that gets results.

Design Services

Whether you need your website designed or re-designed, or if you need collateral, logos, letterhead, or other design elements,
our designers will tirelessly work with you until it’s exactly right. We have designers who specialize in online graphics and
website design, as well as brand identity experts who specialize in print media graphics and overall brand design.


Inevitably, great online marketing requires innovative and dynamic coding to make it possible. In the case that you do not have
in-house programming staff, our programmers can handle your back-end needs so that coding issues won’t interfere with
winning marketing strategies.

Paid Forum Posting

Have you just launched a new and exciting forum? Maybe you are having trouble getting the ball rolling with relevant content for
your forum? We offer various paid forum posting packages where you can get the relevant content and initial user traffic to
keep members returning to your site. Contact us for more information regarding paid forum posting or visit our instant order page here

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