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How We Work | MarketingYP.com
How we work

How We Work

Because your goals, experience, and needs will always vary from our other clients, our
first step will be to determine your overall goals and needs of your web presence.

Common Client Campaign Strategies

1. Keyword Term Analysis
Once you give us a list of keyword terms you’d like to target, we will do additional market research to determine the hundreds-to-thousands of keyword terms your target audience searches to find companies like yours. We will analyze these terms to find
those with the best ranking potential (they have a good ratio between amount of searches and amount of competing websites).

However, unlike keyword analysis tools that only analyze the number of websites indexed in a search engine for a particular
keyword, we are able to determine the exact number of websites optimized for the keyword. These are the only real competition
you will have as you will quickly outrank, even with minimal optimization, any website that isn’t optimized for your keyword.

So you’ll often find a keyword term that appears highly competitive, with millions of websites listed in a search engine’s results,
is actually quite easy to rank for! Vice versa, you’ll know not to waste your time on a term that may not show many results, but
for which all those websites are well optimized – making the term hard to rank for.

Once we’ve compiled our master list of recommended keyword terms to target, we will provide you the list so you can provide
any feedback necessary.

2. Content Creation
As we’ve mentioned before, content is key to any search marketing campaign. Therefore, there are three content areas that we will target:

  1. On-Site Optimization. This includes visible content and source code. We will analyze your site code for errors that
    may prevent search engines from properly spidering your site. We will also analyze your site’s code-to-text ratio and
    other coding elements. Lastly, we will review and edit your visible content for optimal keyword density while
    maintaining sales effectiveness.
  2. Article Creation. We will produce one article for every keyword term we, together, choose to promote. Traditionally,
    this is between 200-400 articles. Each article is well written, informative, and engaging to ensure that they add value to
    your visitors’ experience in addition to winning great rankings.

    Most importantly, we add these pages slowly over several months to ensure your site grows organically. This is a key element Google and other search engines look for when ranking a website – that it is constantly updating and adding
    new information.

  3. Publicity. But we’re not talking about traditional PR here. We develop additional articles that pay particularly close
    attention to your target audience’s pressure points: the secrets they want to know, the tips they need to hear, the
    problems and solutions your company addresses.

    These articles will not be placed on your website, but will instead be promoted to hundreds of other websites in search of compelling articles on your particular subject. This achieves two objectives: 1) each article links back to your website,
    earning you one-way links from authoritative sites, and 2) the more independent websites that discuss your company or
    publish an article written by your company, the better your reputation will be. Your potential customers will find your
    company discussed on other websites, or see that other websites have endorsed you by publishing your article.

3. Linking Strategy
In addition to the links earned through article promotion, we will negotiate links on your behalf. We will concentrate on sites with high Page Rank and traffic rankings as links from these are considered powerful “votes.”

4. Social Networking
We discuss this in depth on our What is Social Networking page.

5. RSS Feeds
We will implement RSS feeds on your blog and/or article pages to keep visitors apprised of new content. Search engines will also
be notified through your RSS feed every time a page is added to your site, resulting in faster indexing.

6. Tracking and Analysis
You will receive detailed reports on your rankings across the major search engines, as well as site traffic and visitor behavior (we can only provide site and visitor data if you place Google Analytics  code on your website or provide us access to your own
statistics program).

Pricing Models and Our Guarantee

We price each campaign on a per-client basis. Pricing is based on amount of hours you wish us to dedicate to your project each
week, as well as which strategies you’d like us to implement. However, we are more than happy to work with your budget and
can accommodate a variety of pricing models, including: hourly, per-project, weekly salary with a cap on hours, etc.

Our Guarantee: We cannot guarantee a certain number of rankings or that particular keywords will get ranked with particular
search engines. There are simply too many variables to consider and anyone guaranteeing such should be avoided at all costs.
However, we do guarantee the quality of our work.

When we tell you that we will reach a milestone within a certain amount of hours, if we fail to reach that milestone, we will
complete additional work for free or at a pre-determined reduced fee until said milestone is reached. In addition, if after six
months of site optimization, traffic is far below satisfactory, we will re-negotiate a severely reduced fee to continue promotion
until a reasonable increase in traffic is reached.

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