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May, 2009 | MarketingYP.com

Twitter as a Tool for Marketing Your Business

Twitter is a social networking service that has changed the sphere of communication. It has become one of the best micro-blogging services that help people to be in constant contact with each other. Well, Twitter has not only made advances in personal and friendly communication but also has entered into the marketing arena.

Twitter is one of the best tools for marketing your products and services. Most of the leading companies in the world like Dell and Apple have Twitter accounts that show how popular this social networking service is. However, many companies are still unaware of the scope of marketing through Twitter.

Using twitter, businesses can circulate information in the fastest way to their customers. Marketing is extremely easy through twitter. The short messages called tweets contain relevant information about the products and

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Advantages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the goal of nearly every web master since it means that the higher the site rankings, generally the more traffic your site gets. Although it is popularly believed that only traditional web pages can affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is wrong. Other than ordinary web pages, there are also other pages that can increase such optimization results. One of these is blog sites. Blog entries, especially when a blogger would commonly use certain keywords in successive entries can also have an effect on SEO. It is because search engines also recognize keywords from blog entries, which can also attract traffic to your site concentrated for SEO benefit.


The best software today for blogging purposes is WordPress. It is a free downloadable-online-software because it is an open source, meaning, it is open for public consumption without consideration. WordPress uses a Content Management System (CMS), which means that it is a web site development program, making management of websites easier. WordPress enables a blogger to be exposed to a whole new world of possibilities for personal blogs and businesses.