Why Blog with WordPress?

Blogging is a revolutionary way of sharing information and ideas at the speed of light. The thing with blogging is that you can write about anything under the sun without boundaries. Your blogs may be publicized online through blog websites. Blogging is so flexible that there are lots of possibilities that can be infused in it and creativity that can be attached to it is just simply endless.

For a lot of people who are already into blogging, WordPress is probably not new to you. For those who have just heard about it, it is a system of publishing blogs online which is very popular among bloggers. If you are a type of person who has unleashed ideas and wants the entire world to read them, you are then a candidate to use WordPress. This software already has millions of captured readers and users, which makes your material open for viewing to everyone on Earth.

Why Blog with WordPress?

For new bloggers and experienced users, WordPress is the best blogging tool. The best thing that comes along with WordPress is that it doesn’t cost a single penny since it is for free. The only things you need are some ideas, time to blog and an internet connection. It is an open source application, meaning that the code used to run the blogging software is open for public use. Imagine your material reaching the opposite end of the earth without any cost for the software – that is indeed the best deal.

Another thing with WordPress is that you need not be educated in the technical stuff of coding or making Web sites in order to publish your blog online. It is the WordPress software that performs that coding for you. Blogging then is simplified. First, you just write your article and second, you just click a button in order to publish and viola, you have already a blog entry published online. Installing the software is also not a problem since it only takes a few minutes and the procedure is user-friendly and can be easily followed even by a first-time blogger.

WordPress intends to cater to every need, be it for personal or business use. That is why the creators have released three software versions made to suit every blogger’s needs. The first software version is a hosted turnkey solution. The second is the one where the blogger is allowed to install on the Web server of his choice. The third is a multi-user version that enables the blogger to open blogs through an association or group.

Modifying WordPress

WordPress is very extensive since it can easily be modified to adapt to every blogger’s needs. There are thousands of plugins, which are downloadable in order to design your blog to work the way you want it to. Different themes and templates are also available online from which you can choose to give your site a reflection of your personality or that of your business. In short, your WordPress blog site is easy to manipulate or customize to fit in to your purpose.

Do You Need WordPress Help?

MarketingYP.com is no stranger to WordPress and we even use it to power this very website. Should you be interested in needing custom WordPress solutions, we can provide the services you need.  Whether you need a custom wordpress theme, custom plugin, help installing and hosting, or anything related to WordPress, we have you covered.  Please feel free to contact us regarding WordPress services.

MarketingYP.com Launches New Look

MarketingYP.com is pleased to announce the the re-launch/re-design of our website.  Our previous site has been converted from a static html site into the WordPress platform complete with a custom layout.  We are also going to produce regular blog postings to help keep our clients more up to date on the latest in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and anything else related to website marketing.

We have also added a few new services to our site which can be found on our website services page – please feel free to take moment and look them over.  Should you not see a service listed that you need, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you need.

We would like to thank all of our clients and appreciate the opportunity to work with you and help take your sites to the next level.