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April, 2009 | MarketingYP.com

All You Need To Know About WordPress Themes

WordPress has made a way give a revolutionary statement in content management for websites. It is every simple to use and can really be broad enough to cover a whole range of possibilities. The creativity in blogging is indeed really unlimited and such creativity can be reflected through the appearance of your WordPress website.

Why Download WordPress Themes

Blogging is all about content and interaction with your visitors. Meaning, the more interesting the ideas you write on your blog, the more and more people will become avid readers of it. However, most bloggers ignore the fact that the packaging must also be as good as its content. In WordPress, the best way to package your blog is through the adaptation of themes to your blog. WordPress Themes then answers that problem on how to make your blog attractive. There are pre-formatted designs which you can download and apply to your blog in order to give it life by its colors and designs.

WordPress Default Theme

When you sign-up for WordPress, you usually are then allowed to download themes and other templates. Upon signing up, however, your account is already pre-installed with a default template. Such template, which is the default in your new account is the famous template called Kubrick theme. It was designed by Michael Heilemann and its background is in shades of blue and white behind black-colored texts.

7 Benefits of Using WordPress

Blogging has already become a trend in the internet in the past few years. Today, more and more people get attracted to it that’s why there is a significant increase in the number of blog writers and blog readers. More and more bloggers have started to change allegiance in favor of WordPress as a blog software. It is no surprise since WordPress is not only the easiest to use but it is also the fastest as well. Below are some of the benefits offered by WordPress to bloggers.

1. It is free

Nothing is this world is free with the exception of some things including blogging through WordPress. That’s why WordPress is an open source since the software is downloadable online for public consumption. Although you do not pay a single dollar beginning from signing-up, WordPress offers an attractive deal since you get to write and publish articles online for free. What makes it more interesting is that you can opt to make your blog be open for public consumption, which can be read by anyone in the world who has an internet connection. The best Social Media Management Tools meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

2. It makes blogging easy

One need not be techy on codes in order to start blogging. The WordPress software does the coding for you so even a kid can start blogging. Stop thinking then about the difficulty of creating a website and the other technical stuff. Your main concern is only the content of your blog and the rest is the concern of WordPress. All you have to do is write something down and publish it.

3. It is spam-resistant

If spam bugs you, you need not worry since WordPress has a strong system to combat it. It uses the well-known Askimet, the best spam blocker in the world today. In fact, it is so effective that it can block around a thousand spam comments on some WordPress bloggers daily. Should the system be infiltrated by spam, it can easily be reported to be kept away and off from the system.